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During the 2004/2005 academic year, the School of Business was established with two departments: Department of Management Studies and Department of Accounting and Finance.  In line with with the Strategic Plan of Department of Accounting and Finance,  a four-member committee was constituted  and tasked to create two departments out of the existing Department of Accounting and Finance.  The proposal was given approval by the Academic Board at its Third Regular Meeting held on 17th March, 2016. The Department of Finance, therefore, became operational from 1st August, 2016, that is, 2016/2017 academic year. The Department runs both postgraduate and undergraduate programmes.


To be a leading department of excellent in finance education- developing innovative leaders.


The Department of Finance is a centre of excellence providing high quality research, training and consultancy in finance.  The mission is accomplished through instruction supported by applied research and professional service. It focuses on programmes that are forward-looking and career-oriented with strong industry collaboration using state of the art technology.  



The Department is committed to the following core values:

  • Reliability – To be trusted and dependable.
  • Integrity – To demonstrate professionalism in every undertaking.
  • Good Governance – To promote transparency and accountability.
  • Honesty – To be truthful and ethical in all endeavour.
  • Teamwork – To work collectively to accomplish established objectives.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement to foster growth of faculty and students.
  • Linking teaching, research and outreach efforts